The Journey

We moved to Clovelly in November 2020, and have since been given the chance to open a shop halfway down the cobbles, which was an opportunity we couldn't resist.

It's a traditional little shop, and we've very much enjoyed looking for products we hope visitors will like.  We wanted to find unique items to remind visitors of an enjoyable day in our beautiful village, or perhaps buy something for friends and family back home.  

Our inspiration for the Donkey Shoe Shop came from our love of the donkeys who live at Clovelly, and who played a very important part in the history of the village.  Donkey-Sue and Bart, who look after the Clovelly Donkeys, work very hard, and we are excited and privileged to be able to offer the opportunity for visitors to 'Adopt a Clovelly Donkey' at our shop. 



However, Clovelly does come with its challenges!!  Every box we had delivered we pulled down the cobbles on sledges.

Within the shop we also wanted to offer an activity area for the younger visitors.  We have been busy decorating a room and stocking it with toys and games, just for them.   We have not quite finished it just yet, but hope to open the room very soon.  

Alfie, our beautiful rescue dog from Bosnia, will also be found in the shop, as we love to involve him too.  You might also find Bojangles, a handsome cat who lives in the village, wandering in and out, hoping for a cat biscuit.

We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you enjoy your visit to Clovelly.

Dave and Jakki