Care of Jewellery


As with most precious metals, Silver naturally tarnishes with exposure to air and the environment.  This is less likely to happen if the jewellery is regularly worn.  Simply rub the silver with a lint free polishing cloth and the shine will be restored.

Multi Tone

If your jewellery has Gold Plating, avoid polishing these areas, as you may erode the Gold detail.

Wear - Ensure your jewellery is the last item you put on and the first you take off.  This avoids jewellery being damaged by perfume, hairspray and snagging.

Protect - Don't wear your jewellery to sleep, bath or swim, this will prevent it from becoming twisted, crushed or damaged by chemicals.

Store - To prevent your jewellery from tarnishing, keep it in an airtight container.

Clean - Use a jewellery polishing cloth to restore your silvers shine, don't be tempted to use dipping solutions or abrasive substances as they may damage your jewellery.