Quiz In A Tin - The Great British Quiz

Quiz In A Tin - The Great British Quiz

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Fancy having a go? Here is a sample of questions to get your teeth into!

  • Which country donates the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree each year?
  • Which soft drink is often called Scotland's other national drink'?
  • Which Belfast shipyard built the RMS Titanic?
  • What does Wales have more per sq. mile than any other country?
  • What flower do all British Royal brides have in their bouquets?

A fun quiz game where a roll of the dice dictates the questions. Over 600 questions on Great Britain and Northern Ireland including places, food, history, nature, kings and queens and so much more...

Play again and again, suitable for two or more players. It all packs away in the tin, which is great for travel.

Recommended age 12 to adult

Answers 1: Norway 2: Irn Bru 3: Harland & Wolff 4: Castles 5: Myrtle